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I, Clive Winterton from Berkshire, am an approved member of The Magic Circle. I am an innovative party magician who performs close-up magic, fun vanishing tricks and mix and mingle magic tricks at formal evening events, laid-back lunches, weddings, corporate events and more. Visit our testimonials page to know more. I serve across Oxford, Southampton, Slough, Newbury and more.

Bewitching magic tricks to enthral your audience- read all my past & present news items below:

Are you looking for a professional magician for your event in Ascot, Guildford, Reading, Henley or Windsor? I have an array of magic skills that will leave your guests amazed. I have a reputation for a good sleight of hand and a way with the crowd, which will keep your guests talking long even after the event. Whether you want to perform at an exclusive party or a wedding, get in touch with me today to discuss your needs in detail.

29 May 2013

“Thank you so much for helping make my birthday party so much fun. Everyone commented on how clever your magic was and your presence certainly helped to make the evening flow”

Lets read the above, its a lovely email I received about some recent Birthday Party Entertainment I did for Maureen for her 70th Birthday Party.

As a magician, it’s great when I can provide a way to make a birthday party fun. Every party should be fun, and if its not.. Maybe you haven’t thought through the party entertainment ideas properly. What happens when your guests arrive? Do you have something to keep them entertained, or are they just going to stand around and feel awkward until the main event starts? Do you have a way of bringing together people who might not know each other? And as Maureen said, do you have a way to make sure the party flows?
Having a magician, like myself, at a party is a great way to address all these party problems. As a ‘meet and greet’ magician, I can entertain your guests as they arrive, making them immediately feel welcome, I can then provide all sorts of magic, Table magic for your guests between courses of dinner, mix and mingle magic, where I’ll walk around the groups of guests performing magic for them. This is a great way to bring people together at the party and get them all involved and talking.
I’d be happy to talk to you about any party entertainment ideas you might have for your party, wedding, or corporate event. Just contact me.

23 May 2013

Party Entertainment Ideas – Greet Your Guests With A Magician

party entertainment ideas Magician greeting guestsI recently provided Party Entertainment for St Marys School in Ascot. As the party entertainment I provided last year was such a success, and well received, I was pleased that they booked me again for a return visit. The evening was a dinner, during which the pupils at the school presented entertainment for other pupils. I was booked to provide some other entertainment as guests arrived, typically my ‘meet and greet’ which is a great party entertainment idea, performing magic as guests arrive for the evening. It means that your guests don’t arrive and just hover around, feeling a bit left out, or not sure what to do next.

Having an entertainer as your guests arrives makes them feel like the party has already started, even before they get through the door to the main event. I will typically bring together groups of people, showing them some making to start breaking the ice. This means that guests that maybe don’t know each other will start to chat and enjoy each others company, making it a much more relaxed, and enjoyable party for them.

As well as the ‘meet and greet’ for the party, I provided entertainment between courses at the dinner table. Moving between tables performing magic for those sat around the table, this fills those awkward gaps as guests wait for the next course of their meal.

I’d be happy to talk to you about this sort of Party Entertainment, or any other Party Entertainment Ideas you may have, just Contact Me.

30 April 2013

Wedding Party Entertainment – Return To Monkey Island

Everybody hopes that the weather on your wedding day is great, sadly sometimes it’s not. In these situations I try and bring as much enjoyment and entertainment to the wedding as I can, it might sound a bit cliché, but I hope I bring my own special bit of sunshine to the wedding.

A recent wedding at Monkey Island on the Thames in Bray, allowed me to do just this. The weather was terrible, but I brightened the day with table magic, mix and mingle magic as the party entertainment for the bride and groom.

Having magic at your wedding provides a great way to bring the two new families together. Be it walk around magic as your guests arrive at the reception and enjoy their drinks before photographs, or, magic around the tables between courses of the wedding breakfast. Magic is a great ice breaker, and gives your wedding guests something to really talk about in the natural pauses of the wedding day.

If you’d like to talk to me about how I can provide party entertainment at your wedding, just Drop Me A Line.

29 April 2013

Party Entertainment For Yateley Manor School PTA Charity Ball

I’ve provided Corporate Entertainment and Party Entertainment at numerous events, but its always nice to get a repeat booking for clients that have enjoyed the entertainment ideas I’ve provided for them.

A great example of this was when I was booked again to provide party entertainment for Yateley Manor School Parent Teacher Association’s Charity Spring Ball. The PTA booked me again for their event at Wokefield park, where I provided Magic and entertainment for them.

During the evening I performed Mix and Mingle magic during the drinks reception; this is a great way to keep your guests entertained, bringing together groups of people, and making sure they enjoy the evening. I also provided after dinner entertainment, with table magic and walk around magic. I also provided a ‘bunco booth’; where entertaining scams and confidence tricks are presented and played with guests. Everyone loves this, and watches intently as I run through various things like the classic ‘find the lady’ or the ‘three shell game’. It’s a nice break from traditional magic, and gives guests something to really talk about, and brings everyone together as they enjoy watching the tricks.

The evening was a great success, and I enjoyed providing my Party Entertainment, and Corporate Entertainment Ideas for the evening.

If you’d like to talk to me about providing party entertainment, or corporate entertainment for your event, please just Drop Me A Line or Give Me A Ring and we can discuss how I can help your event be a success.

25 March 2013

A Night With The Stars – Corporate Entertainment For The Mayor And Reading Transport

It’s always a pleasure to be Asked Back To Perform Corporate Entertainment for a client again, and when it’s Reading Transports ‘Night With The Stars’ and I have the pleasure of performing my magic for the Mayor of Reading as well, it’s even better.

It’s always difficult for clients to work out good corporate entertainment ideas, How do you keep the guests entertained between courses at dinner? How do make sure guests are entertained before, or after the meal?

Reading transport’s awards evening was very important, a new venue, a new year and a new mayor. Having been booked last year by Reading transport for their awards dinner, I knew exactly how I could help them make this years event, just as great for their guests as last year.

I performed magic for the guests during the dinner, making sure that the evening went smoothly, and everyone had something to talk about with each other throughout the evening. This is a format I’ve used many time for corporate parties, and corporate events. But my skills are limited to just doing table to table magic at the dinner table. I can also provide a whole host of other ideas for your corporate event.

If you’d like some Corporate Entertainment Ideas, or want to book me for a Corporate Entertainment Event just drop me an Email

30 September 2012

Entertainment For A Christmas Party

Planning entertainment for a Christmas party is always quite difficult, Theres the food to plan, the guests to invite, and when they are all there.. How do you keep party guests entertained. I find in my job as a magician, Christmas Entertainment is right up there at the top of the most enjoyable bookings I can do. Creating a sense of wonder and entertainment for your guests is a great experience, for both me and your christmas party guests. Having a magician at your party is a great way to break the ice, or get your guests in the mood for the evening ahead. I can mix and mingle around your guests as they enjoy perhaps pre-dinner drinks, or entertainment them during their Christmas dinner. I can event provide after dinner entertainment, where I can perform entertainment for your guests after their dinner.

Christmas is a magical time, and it makes sense to have a magician at your christmas party or corporate christmas event. Give Me A Call Now and I can discuss with you how I can make your christmas party just that little bit more special.

25 September 2012

Christmas Entertainment Ideas

Everyone loves Christmas. It’s even better when you have a Christmas party, and I always enjoy being booked to perform magic at a Christmas party. Having a magician at your party is a great way to break the ice, or get your guests in the mood for the evening ahead, be that a informal Christmas party, or a corporate Christmas party.

Your guests will be able to see close up magic and sleight of hand with everything from coins and cards to elastic bands. I’ve worked at many Christmas parties from small to large, and I’ve always had great feedback from those who have booked me.

I’ll be able to draw your party guests together, including them in my close up magic, and the fun! I’d Be Happy To Talk To You About Your Christmas Party Ideas and how I can make it a fantastic event for you, and your guests

12 September 2012

Christmas Entertainment

Christmas Entertainment is the hot topic of the summer! No really it is! In the world of party entertainment, and corporate entertainment christmas normally starts right about now, and in some cases, even earlier. All the best entertainers tend to get booked up really early in the year, I have even had people book me for their Christmas party, or corporate Christmas party as soon as I’ve finished the current booking! Thats a year in advance!

What I’m trying to explain here is that if you want great entertainment at your christmas party or corporate christmas party, you need to start looking at what entertainment you’d like now. Be that a party magician like myself, or the obligatory chocolate fountain hire. At a corporate party magician or a christmas party magician, I can provide entertainment to your guests in a number of ways. It may be that you book me to mix and mingle with your guests, providing entertainment before the main meal, or main event. You may want to book me to provide entertainment around the tables at the party, or you may even want to book me as the after dinner entertainment. There are lots of Christmas party ideas that I can help you create a wonderfully magical and entertaining evening, Just Contact Me and we can discuss exactly how I can help.

27 August 2012

Corporate Party Ideas, Is A Magician One Of Them?

Coming up with Corporate Party Ideas and planning can be quite hard work, how do you create an atmosphere and corporate party that stands out from all the others? Maybe you’re struggling to come up with some corporate christmas party ideas, either for your clients, or your employees. Magic is something that can be great for these types of corporate events. So can I as a Corporate Party Magician, help you?

Corporate parties is another area of my business that keeps me very busy, and its a great environment to be working in. Normally clients will book me to entertain their corporate guests before a main event, perhaps a meal, or some other type of show. I am also sometimes booked myself as the main attraction, providing an after dinner entertainment show, or stand up cabaret type performance. Either way, my job is to make sure that every single guest has an enjoyable evening, and goes away from the corporate party remembering what a great time they had.

Many people engage my services to mix and mingle around the guests before dinner, or other focused part of the evening. I can also provide table magic, before, during or after dinner. My style of close up magic will help the guests are your corporate party relax, and enjoy themselves, and if the guests haven’t met each other before, magic is a wonderful way to break the ice and bring together your guests.

I’ve provided corporate entertainment for many corporate parties and functions, and I’d love to discuss how I can Help You Make Your Corporate Party A Success.

5 August 2012

Christmas Party Ideas, Is It Too Early To Book Entertainment ?

You might think I’m slightly mad, but have you thought about entertainment for your Christmas Party yet? No? Well we may only be in August, and in the recent sunny weather, thinking about christmas party ideas might be the last thing on your mind, but you’ll find most entertainers, especially magicians, get booked up for Christmas Parties many many months in advance. The last thing you want to do is think that you’d like a magician to perform at your Christmas party or gathering, and find that you’re too late and we’re all booked up.

So if you want to start planning then along with your christmas party games, you might want to consider putting someone like myself, to provide Christmas party entertainment on your list of ideas for Christmas.

But why would you want a Magician at your Christmas party?

Having a professional entertainer at your Christmas party, means that you, and more importantly your guests can get on with enjoying yourself at this wonderful time of year. You can leave it up to me to make sure that your guests are entertained, and engaged with each other, whilst enjoying a truely magical experience that can make your party a great success.

I can provide Mix And Mingle Entertainment, performing magic in amongst your guests, maybe as they enjoy canapés and drinks. I can also provide Entertainment Around The Table, performing magic for your guests between courses of their meal. You may also want me to meet and greet your guests as they arrive with some of my unique and captivating magic.

Having a magician at your Christmas party is a great way to break the ice, and provide something very magical that your guests wont forget. I cover a large area, including providing Entertainment In Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Herts, Bucks, Essex and Oxford

If you want to talk to me about how I can bring that magical twist to your Christmas part, just get in touch and we can discuss how I can help.

17 July 2012

If you are looking for wedding ideas, entertainment for your wedding is an area many people struggle with. Do you book a band, a chocolate fountain, a harpist, or just hope that you’re guests are having so much fun that they will entertain themselves? Regardless of how exciting your guests might be, booking some sort of entertainment for the wedding, and the wedding reception is very important.

As a magician, I’ve done many weddings and wedding receptions, and having a wedding magician at your day will help break the ice, and bring all your guests together to remember a truly wonderful day.

Recently I’ve performed at many wedding venues in Oxford, and when I’ve been talking to brides (and grooms!) the idea of having a magician at their wedding has always been quite high on their list of wedding ideas

I’m not just an Oxford Magician though, I also cover other areas including Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Oxford, Hertfordshire, and Essex

I’d love to talk to you about Booking A Magician For Your Wedding, and I hope to see you soon at your wedding venue, on your special day.

26 June 2012

I was recently booked to perform at the wedding of Gavin and Amanda Grant, which took place at The Well Barn Estate in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. I enjoy performing magic in these kinds of environments where I can mingle with the guests and make sure that the wedding reception flows smoothly, and the guests remember the occasion as a wonderful experience. During the day I was honoured to perform walk around magic for the Olympics 2012 track cyclist Sir Chris Hoy MBE. Chris Hoy is a great inspiration to anyone who wishes to be the top of their field, and its is wonderful that as a Wedding Magician I can bring the guests together, and provide captivating wedding entertainment during the day.

Its always an honour to be asked to perform Entertainment At Weddings, as they are such special occasions. Both for the newly weds as well as the guests. I have aways received wonderful Feedback And Recommendations from my wedding magic and entertainment.

I performed a special effect for Chris, that ended up with a gold medal appearing in his hands. I hope that this is a good omen for Chris’ performance at the Olympics 2012, and I’d be happy to talk to you about seeing the same effect at your Wedding, Just Let Me Know.

4 March 2012

Awards Ceremony Entertainment – Book A Magician To Give It That Magical Feel

Saturday night I was booked to provide awards ceremony entertainment as a Corporate Magician. Providing my service as a magician at an awards ceremony or awards dinner is something very enjoyable for me. It provides the ability for me to mingle with the guests before the dinner or ceremony and break the ice for many of them, making the atmosphere a more enjoyable and memorable one.

I was providing Award Ceremony Entertainment for Reading Transport Ltd, which was held at Aldermaston Manor, a lovely hotel and conference facility in Berkshire. This was a grand affair starting with a drinks reception held in the oak panelled library, which even has it’s own secret door to the adjacent lounge, where I performed Close Up Magic for their guests prior to the three course awards dinner.

The awards dinner was held in the elegant and timeless banqueting room which has imposing views of the lawn and woodlands. The awards were presented by Deborah Edwards the Mayor of Reading and prior to this I entertained the guests between the courses at the dinner. In my view the Aldermaston Manor is a perfect venue for Corporate Functions, Weddings and Parties.

A few days after the event I was sent this very complimentary testimonial.

On behalf of Caroline, Dolores and myself, I want to thank you very much indeed for the wonderful magic show you performed both during the pre-drinks reception and at each of the individual tables. Everyone was in wonder and admiration and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! You made our evening very special indeed! In fact you made it so special that we are seriously thinking about booking you again for next year!

Thank you once again not just for the magic but also for joining in with us and really becoming one of the party for the night. You certainly met and indeed exceeded our expectations.

I would be happy to personally discuss with you exactly how I can provide Entertainment For Award Dinners And Ceremonies ; and explain how you can use my skills as an entertainer to create a wonderful atmosphere, and an Awards Dinner Or Ceremony to remember.

24 January 2012

Book A Party Magician For A Magical Start To 2012

My first booking as a Magician for 2012 turned out to be a super fun night in Godalming Surrey, at the Milford Golf Club. Basically a Retirement Party for the golf captain who held a captains last supper, it was a very smart black tie event; where my style of Party Magician fits in extremely well, allowing the guests to enjoying Entertainment During Dinner. I performed Close Up Magic for them whilst they enjoyed a sumptuous three course dinner.

I performed Close Up Magic at the pre drinks reception then entertained with table magic between the courses at the dinner. Everybody had a great time and were all suitably impressed and amazed, and it is a wonderful way to keep your guests happy during dinner.

The retiring captains speech was very humorous, I think he could have been on Britains Got Talent, it was wonderful After Dinner Entertainment! In fact I was having such a fun time that I stayed on after the time I was booked to do and performed in the bar afterwards, this was a great way for the guests to mingle, and continue their wonderful evening.

I obviously did a wonderful job, as it was nice to receive a thank you note a few days later :

Many thanks again. I’ve had nothing but favourable comments about you including that “you were an inspired choice”. I was also very pleased with you, particularly as I ‘picked you off the shelf’ on the basis of your web site – an excellent marketing presentation. I would have absolutely no problem in recommending you to others.

I would be happy to personally discuss with you exactly how I can Make Your Party A Success; and explain how you can use my skills as an entertainer to create a wonderful atmosphere, and a party to remember.

21 February 2011

Is Your Magician A Member Of The Magic Circle?

This evening I’m paying a visit to The Magic Circle, of which I’m a member, but what does that actually mean?

Being a Member of The Magic Circle means that I’ve had to pass an examination in my skills as a magician, everything from how I perform, to how entertaining I am, and more importantly for you, how I treat my spectators and audience.

The Magic Circle is quite an exclusive club, there are only 1,300 members worldwide, so obviously being a member is quite an honour for me.

But why you are interested in this? Well, by booking me for your Wedding, Corporate Party, or other event, you know you’ll be getting someone whos well versed in performing, and Will Give You And Your Guests An Event To Remember.

So why not Book Me, I’d be happy to discuss your event with you, or Download My Brochure On How To Book A Magician

22 November 2010

Booking A Magician Brochure

Booking a Magician Its often hard to work out why you want a magician at your event, and when Organising Your Wedding, Private Party or Corporate Event, you can be overwhelmed with information of suppliers. I like to keep Booking My Services As A Magician nice and simple. So I have put together a simple leaflet that explains what I do. So if you are thinking of booking a magician for your wedding, private party of corporate event, please Download My Brochure.

12 April 2010

Video Updates For My Berkshire Magician Bookings

I’ve just added a Berkshire Magician Video Page, so you can start to see some of my performances and Promotional Magic Videos.

Of course nothing is better than Seeing A Great Magician Performing Magic Close Up, and in front of your guests.

So if you are looking for a magician in Berkshire, London, Ascot, Guildford, Reading, Henley, Windsor, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Southampton, Slough, Newbury, Brighton, Bath or Swindon, I’d Be Happy To Talk With You About Your Needs, And How My Magic Can Make Your Event just that little bit more special.

7 April 2010

Combined 65th Birthday And Ruby Wedding Celebrations

I have recently had the pleasure of performing magic and entertaining Robert and Christine Stockholm at the Harleyford Golf Club situated within the Harleyford Estate in Marlow Bucks. This was to celebrate Robert’s 65th Birthday and also the couples Ruby wedding Anniversary. I’m glad they Asked Me To Perform Magic for their combined birthday and wedding Anniversary.

Friends and family all had a great time and Robert and Christine sent me this kind thank you note.

‘We would like to thank you for entertaining our guests at our recent combined celebration Lunch for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary and Rob’s 65th birthday.

From the arrival drinks and through the Lunch your skill was there for all to see. Your delivery was professional and humorous with good hearted banter. Our guests were well entertained and we have had many very positive comments on how much they enjoyed your magic tricks.
Your style was flexible and you entertained adults and our young granddaughters alike. We would recommend you to anyone contemplating a party or celebration.’

Robert and Christine. Harleyford Golf Club 27th March 2010

You can find out more about booking me as a Magician In The Berkshire, Bucks, Hampshire And Surrounding Area on my Contact Page

Supporting Concern Worldwide At Twestival

This week I attended The Twestival Networking Event at Farnham Castle. The event was supporting supporting Concern Worldwide. One hundred per cent of the funds raised will help support the charity’s education program, 2010 Global Twestivals have already raised end funds to send 72 children to school for a year.

You can find out how to book me as a Magician for events in any of the areas I cover, including Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and London here.

Looking to entertain your guests with some amazing magic tricks? Call Clive Winterton on
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